[18 months - 3 years ]
MSB’s approach to education means small class sizes and low student-adult ratios. Our classes are capped at 22 children and adhere to a student-adult ratio of just 4:1 in Toddler, 6:1 in Early Childhood and 8:1 in Elementary and Middle School.
The Preschool Montessori curriculum is comprised of five traditional areas: Practical Life, Sensorial (includes geometry), Language, Math and Culture. Throughout the year, our teachers continuously observe and record the children’s progress in each area, carefully documenting their individual levels of understanding to better guide their learning.
Children are immersed in a bilingual environment that alternates freely between English and Chinese. Here, children may master key vocabulary in both languages in preparation for entry into the Dual Language Program or the English-only Program.
The classroom is divided into different working areas and teachers will carefully choose unique learning materials for each area.