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Enrollment Requirements
Probationary Period
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Age Placement Guidelines
Early Childhood Applicants
According to new requirements implemented by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC), the student and one of the parents must hold a foreign passport with a valid working visa. Permanent resident green card holders please contact admissions office for more details.
All new students are subject to a probationary period lasting 20 attended school days. During this period, the school reserves the right to withdraw a child’s acceptance in the event that MSB does not have adequate resources to satisfy the child’s needs. This may include, but is not limited to: the need for additional psycho-educational evaluations, an individualized curriculum, a dedicated teacher or shadow and/or other interventive resources to manage exceptional behaviors.
If during the probationary period, information relevant to admissions is found to have been withheld, inaccurate or falsified, MSB reserves the right to withdraw the student from school without refunding any fees.
Class placement is based upon a student's educational background and his/her age on 1 October. In certain cases, a student may be placed in a different grade level, subject to approval of MSB’s admissions and academic teams. In cases where the child’s age is younger than the cut-off date, placement must be accompanied by the parents’ understanding that the child may need an additional year at the current grade level before moving up.
All Early Childhood applicants must be toilet trained prior to their first day of school.