MSB has been serving
the international community for 30 years

MSB offers children the opportunity
to flourish in a close-knit community of
400 students from 21 countries
Sq. Meters

Explore 19,000 sq. meters of purpose-built
classrooms, sports fields and play areas
catering to children of all ages
Why should my child attend MSB?

High Academic Achievements

MSB offers a strong academic program and expects children to meet our high academic standards. Our curriculum fully meets the requirements of national curricula and allows students to go well beyond grade level in many subjects. This strong academic base gives students a great start as they later transition into traditional schools or return to their home countries. The individualized program allows teachers to draw upon the curriculum of higher grades, allowing a child to work above his/her grade level in areas he/she shows a strong aptitude in.

An Excellent Dual Language Program

MSB’s Dual Language Program is unique in Beijing, offering students from the age of 3 to 12 a full education in English and Chinese. Living and studying in Beijing, children have the unique opportunity to become fluent in Chinese, study and appreciate China’s rich history and culture whilst being well prepared for an English based academic environments.

A Montessori-Based Education

MSB’s Montessori-based education looks at the child as a whole. We tailor the academic curriculum to each child and his/her needs and combine it with teaching essential life skills. Unlike other teaching programs which rely on rote learning, and teach every child in the classroom the same thing at the same time, children at MSB can progress through the curriculum at their own pace, guided by an individualized learning plan, while still meeting high academic standards.

Emphasis on Important Life Skills

Success in today’s world is not only measured by grades and degrees. Strong study and work habits, self-motivation, independent thinking and excellent communication skills are essential for academic and career success and are an integral part of MSB’s Montessori-based education. At MSB we are laying the groundwork for future innovators and leaders by teaching children to be independent thinkers, problem solvers and team players from an early age.

A Warm and Nurturing Environment

At MSB, we take great pride in providing a happy and nurturing environment for our children. Our small size and close community mean we know each and every child and can focus on his or her individual needs and interests.

Experienced, Dedicated and Long Term Staff

Our strength lies with our highly experienced teachers, many of which have taught at MSB since its earliest years. This provides stability and continuity to our programs. Our lead teachers and teaching assistants are all fully qualified Montessori teachers; our lead teachers are also trained in the latest EAL teaching techniques to facilitate the classrooms of native and non-native English speakers. In addition, fully qualified teachers teach all of our specialist subjects, such as EAL, music, art, science and PE.