Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Masterminded by MSB teachers and outsourced mentors, the extensive enrichment activities play a crucial part in the wholistic development of each child. Students are empowered to develop skills beyond curricular learning, such as leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit and much more. Regardless of experience and skill level, we offer students of all grades the opportunities to either stretch your physical limit or develop a lifelong interest.
Sports teams

As a member of JISAC (Junior International Schools Athletic Conference) our school participates in a variety of sports such as football, basketball and athletics across the school year. We encourage all children to participate regardless of skill and ability, with a focus on team building and participation over prizes and winning.

MSB teams in two JISAC divisions, U9 and U11 and students in Grades 1-6 may trial to be part of our teams. The sports schedule rotates according to the overall JISAC event published for each school year.In addition to the school's regular JISAC involvement, MSB also has its own swim team.


MSB regularly hosts friendlies with other international schools in Beijing to expose the children to a competitive environment. Students are challenged competing with those above their age and make the best of it to prepare for JISAC competitions.

MSB Swimming

MSB swim team is a school run swim team with professionally outsourced coaching and has a very strong parent support committee. We make use of excellent facilities with a 25m pool for training and competitions.

The team consist of children ranging from the age of 5 years old and 12 years old. This includes our beginner group, "the up and comers," and also the competitive age group team who needs to be at least 8 years old and able to swim four strokes. We are excited to expand our team in the future. For our 8 years and under group, we are focussing mainly on technique first and racing second.

Evaluations take place at the beginning of each semester. New students are welcome to try out when joining MSB.

Running club

Once a week, children have the opportunity to join MSB teachers on a mid-day run around the neighborhood. This activity is held during the recess period every Wednesday for Grade 4 & 5 students. Other students have the option of an early morning run every Friday, depending on air quality and weather

After School Activities
Extended Learning Program (Middle School)

MSB offers a diverse after-school program that caters to students of all interests*. Activities are led both by MSB teachers and individuals and organizations from the Beijing community. Examples include science, football, drama, basketball, baking, language clubs, golf, Kungfu, fencing, chess, robot programming and more.

*Early Childhood 1 – Grade 5 have ASAs

Learning Program

This extended learning program is designed to meet the developmental needs of 6th and 7th graders who are very energetic and enthusiastic. At this age, students are curious and want to learn about many different topics, rather than become experts in one area. They enjoy time talking with peer and social situations become more important. During this age they are moving towards independence, therefore, students take initiative and enjoy opportunities to explore many interests with peers.

MSB's Extended Learning Program does just that by empowering students to create and shape their own learning and by presenting opportunities to choose a class or activity that excites and peak their interests. The choice of classes varies each semester, allowing the student to explore more of their own interests throughout the year. Some of the courses include: novel studies, creative writing, leadership, drama, chess, outdoor activities and sports, and various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects.