[ EC 1, 2 & 3 ]
Early Childhood 1 & 2
Early Childhood 3 (Reception)
Early Childhood 1, 2 & 3 Combined Class
Global Hanyu Program
Teacher-Student Ratios: 1:4
The focus of the curriculum during these formative years is to expand each child’s knowledge base and skill set, paving the way for future learning.
This curriculum is comprised of five traditional areas: Practical Life, Sensorial (includes geometry), Language, Math and Culture. Throughout the year, our teachers continuously observe and record the children’s progress in each area, carefully documenting their individual levels of understanding to better guide their learning.
Teacher-Student Ratios: 1:6
Early Childhood 3 is a pivotal year for our children as it marks their transition from Early Childhood 1 & 2 to Elementary. At this time, children review and build upon what they learned in Preschool and grow more proficient in mathematical operations and concepts in numeracy. They also expand upon their knowledge of physical geography, learning about the continents, oceans, landforms and biomes of the world.
The Early Childhood 3 year is also the period when children take the steps towards greater physical independence and begin their journey towards intellectual independence. They may begin keeping a journal in which they can share their thoughts or experiences. Thus, by the time they complete Early Childhood 3, our children are prepared to enter Grade 1.
MSB has an English-Only three year classic Montessori class for children age 3 to 6. Students can choose activities based upon their particular interests and are introduced to new possibilities both by teachers and peers. Like all of our classes, a sense of responsibility and leadership is fostered, as students are encouraged to share and take care of the materials. Specialties are offered to this group as well which include art, music and physical education.
Students in Early Childhood 3 who possess a high level of Chinese (as per teacher assessment) have the option of enrolling in our year-long Global Hanyu Program. This program uses standard Chinese teaching methods to help children master up to 1,000 characters by the end of the school year.