The MSB curriculum is carefully designed to build a strong foundation in academics, while promoting social, emotional, moral and physical development. Our method of teaching encourages children to become independent and motivated learners, with a solid work ethic and sound decision-making skills. These core program values are supported in all classrooms in the English-Only and the Dual-Language Programs at all age levels.

At MSB, we educate the whole child. Our curriculum follows the Montessori approach, building upon its core principles and adapting it for students within an international setting.

This dynamic Montessori-based curriculum ensures a strong base in all of the fundamental skills and concepts, while promoting a keen understanding of self and the environment. Rather than learning by rote, learning at MSB is largely activity-based, with children engaging with hands-on materials and independent projects. At MSB, children are encouraged to ask questions and think, explore and investigate on their own, thus building the necessary framework for academic success.

Our goal is to equip children with a strong academic foundation in all subjects and to guide them towards becoming confident, self-directed and life-long learners, full of curiosity and creativity.
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Character Education
Just like the earth, which is generous and peaceful, a man of virtue should have ample virtue and accommodate all things. ——The Book of Changes
At MSB, character education is just as important as academics. Our curriculum includes a strong social element, teaching students the appropriate behaviors and skills for everyday living. Children learn conflict resolution and how to apply virtues such as courtesy and tolerance to classroom activities and behaviors . They learn to collaborate with others, respect differences and acknowledge each person's unique contribution to the community. Developing the appropriate language and social skills from an early age enable our students to engage positively in the classroom and beyond.
An Individualized Approach
Every child is unique and learns differently. Steady observation and careful evaluation throughout the school year allow our teachers to cater to individual skill sets and present each child with the learning materials that best match his or her abilities and needs. This tailored approach ensures that children are able to progress through the curriculum at a pace that is appropriate to them, while continuing to meet national and international standards. By the same token, there is never any risk of a child being left behind or bored. Our low student-teacher ratio ensures that extra in-class support is always readily available and children may advance to the next topic or level as soon as they are ready.
[ Grade Level & Age Range ]
Infant & Toddler
18 months to 3 years
Early Childhood
3 to 6 years
Grade 1 to 5
6 to 11 years
Middle School
Grade 6 to 8
11 to 13 years
Dual Language
English Only
The Dual Language Program delivers the entire MSB curriculum in two languages, with students spending half of each school day in English and Chinese environments. During the English-led portion of the day, children are taught from the math and language curriculum, with follow-up lessons and additional support being held in Chinese. During the Chinese-led portion of the school day, students are presented with a full Chinese curriculum that not only includes lessons in the Chinese language (i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening), but also covers the geography, history and cultural traditions of China.

MSB’s Dual Language Program is unlike any other in Beijing. All of our Chinese learning materials and lessons were created by our Chinese Department rendering them unique to our school. Meanwhile, our English-language materials and lessons have been specially adapted to suit students within an international setting. The success of such a complex and dynamic program lies in the dedication of our English and Chinese lead teachers who work to ensure a seamless transition between the two language environments and a unified approach to the curriculum.
In the MSB English Only Program, all lessons and learning materials are delivered in English. However, children in this program will still receive 50 minutes of Intensive Chinese instruction.