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Thank you for considering MSB for your child's education and we are looking forward to hearing from you. As you search for the right school for your child and family, we understand that making this decision goes beyond beautifully designed classroom and a solid reputation that MSB possesses.
Our aim during the enrollment process is to make it a smooth transition into the appropriate grade level between Infant (6 months) to Middle School for your child and to warmly welcome the entire family into a thriving MSB community.
We are aware that International families can be posted in Beijing at any time of the year and offer a rolling admissions policy. We encourage parents to apply as early as possible with all the required documents because only fully completed applications submitted are reviewed for consideration.
Before applying to MSB, take a look at our enrollment policy to check on your eligibility.
Admissions Priority
MSB will give admissions priority to returning students, sibling groups, siblings of current students or graduates, applicants for full-day classes, applicants who have previously been enrolled in a Montessori program, and those on the previous year’s waiting list.
Applicants will receive written notification of their acceptance. Parents must submit written confirmation of enrollment within 10 working days of the official offer of admissions together with the Placement Deposit. MSB reserves the right to offer a student’s place to another applicant if the Placement Deposit is not received by the date indicated on the invoice. The Placement Deposit will not be refunded to new students who have not yet paid the tuition fee and subsequently decide not to attend MSB as scheduled.
MSB requires a ¥20,000 Placement Deposit per child. This is a one-time, non-interest bearing security deposit, held by the school for the entire duration of the student's enrollment. It is required to secure an applicant's place at MSB.
Once a student leaves MSB, the Placement Deposit will be refunded in accordance with MSB's Withdrawal and Refund policy, following the deduction of any amount owed to the school. This includes any outstanding tuition, lunch and bus fees, as well as any unreturned school materials.
In accordance with government regulations, MSB cannot issue an official fapiao because the Placement Deposit is a refundable payment. The school will issue a Placement Deposit.
We truly think MSB is a great school. Both of our children have been able to grow as students and individuals in this environment.
Ulrika Haner, Finland