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Thriving through Adversity
22 Jan
  • Thriving through Adversity

Good afternoon MSB community, 

I was recently rereading some of my email correspondence from almost exactly one year ago.  At that time, we were all still under the impression that school would reopen following our Spring Festival break as scheduled.  I do not think that any of us could have accurately predicted where the world would go over the past year.  

We have all been tested, in multiple ways, throughout this unbelievable year. With the anxiety that comes with the continued disruption to our normal ebbs and flows of life during this year’s Spring Festival, the unspoken questions that loom large for many are, what now?  What do we do?  How to adapt to this “new normal”?   

From where I sit, the answer is very clear, look to our children. 

As difficult as this year has been for adults, take a moment and remember how disorientating this year has been for our children.  Months of isolation from their friends and classmates, their routines dashed, and every day, trying to find ways to make sense of what was happening around them. 

Through all of this, our children are thriving.  This may seem a small thing but remember what being in school means!  Our students are constantly learning, their minds and their bodies are growing, our curriculum is making them try new things every day. 

But Ben, it’s a school!  That’s what they are meant to do! 

As adults, can we honestly say that we would be able to learn in two languages, be challenged by a group of thoughtful teachers, try new things (and be expected to remember and build of those items) and grow our mind, body, and spirit day in and out, during the worst global pandemic in over a century? 

I might be alone (I’m not!) but if I am being honest, this would be almost impossible for me. 

So, with that as the context, our children are stepping up to the challenge that each day brings with enthusiasm and bravery. 

We must all not only bear witness to this generation’s happiness and courage, but we must also learn from their boundless optimism.  If we meet our children here, in this wild and brimming space, our world, and each of us, will be better for it. 

As we step back online, I would simply ask that we as parents, help our children find joy each and every day.  Help them laugh the deep contented laugh of childhood.  Let them know that we are all here for them and that MSB waits, just around the corner, for them to return.   

To our children.