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Speak up, Step up
29 Oct
  • Speak up, Step up

From an early age, Montessori students are given the opportunity to make independent choices and develop strong leadership skills needed to thrive in society.  

This week, Ethan of Grade 7 was elected the new president of MSB’s Student Council at the annual election with Mia of Grade 5 named the vice president. A total of 12 candidates from Grade 5-8 ran for leadership positions in the election. To boost community spirit and make school a better place, students touched on how they can make a difference in their rousing speeches that exhibited their poise and confidence.  

Ethan delivers a speech.

“I’m happy to win the election,” said Ethan. “I’ll listen to students’ concerns and try to speak for them.” 

Student Council advisor Tom was delighted to see how the teenagers get accustomed to being responsible and contributing members of their communities. 

“The election gives them an opportunity to practice public speaking and push themselves into a challenging situation. The students choose independently whether they want to enter or not, so it shows self-motivation and confidence in themselves,” said Tom. 

“Students that are not selected learn how to deal with defeat, whereas students that are elected learn how to deal with responsibility,” he said.  

Our Student Council is a student-led organization that advocates for the voices of the students and hosts exciting events to raise funds for charity causes. The council members meet every week to discuss upcoming events, share feedback from their fellow classmates, and collectively decide how they can better the environment at MSB for students, parents and teachers alike.  

Color Run, Crazy Hair Day and Cookbook Drive are some of the recent events held by the council. In December 2020, we raised a total of 10,400 yuan from selling the MSB Cookbook, a collection of global recipes from students and teachers. We received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Children’s Hope Foundation in acknowledgment of our donation which was used to help the mentally handicapped children.  

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