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MSB Partners with Tsinghua on Cultural Heritage Program
16 Apr
  • MSB Partners with Tsinghua on Cultural Heritage Program

MSB is proud to partner with Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious universities, to enrich students experiential learning with an intangible cultural heritage program. 

As part of the long-term partnership with MSB, the Interdisciplinary Educational Innovation Research Center of Tsinghua University will provide an 8-week program on Beijing Opera and Shadow Puppetry to our students starting from next Monday.  

Beijing Opera is a performing art combining singing, acting, mime, dance, and martial arts while shadow puppetry is a form of theater acted by colorful silhouette figures made from leather or paper. Both were inscribed in the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.  

The program is designed to help students appreciate traditional Chinese culture and learn Chinese intangible cultural heritage skills. The inheritors of the cultural heritage will be invited to engage students in workshops and presentations to create Beijing opera masks and puppets. 

The cultural experience ties perfectly with MSB’s Dual Language Program, which delivers the entire curriculum in two languages, with students spending half of each school day in English and Chinese environments. During the Chinese-led portion of the school day, students are presented with a full Chinese curriculum that not only includes lessons in Mandarin but also covers the geography, history, and cultural traditions of China. 

Our unique Dual Language Program ensures that students are experiencing what they are learning and engaging with the curriculum. 

“Language is not studied in a vacuum, but goes hand in hand with cultural exploration with topics ranging from 24 solar terms, ancient architecture to classical literature,” said Alice, Head of Chinese Department. 

Recently, our Grade 1&2 children have put the evolution of Chinese characters on scrolls and Grade 3&4s delved into the history of tea and Shadow Puppetry.


MSB is always looking for partners and guests to come in and share their expertise, giving opportunities for students to enrich their learning experiences and expand their horizons. In January, we struck up a partnership with Australian design software company Canva to provide our Middle School students a 3-month tailor-made program in graphic design.