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MSB Food Tasting Session
23 Sep
  • MSB Food Tasting Session

Class Parents of different grades were invited to the Food Tasting Session to try our school lunch on Friday afternoon. This event was hosted by our Operations Team and our long-term catering partner. 

Our partner offers an optional lunch program that provides nutritionally balanced and healthy meals that alternate between Western and Chinese dishes. We’re committed to providing healthy and high-quality school lunches by using limited oil, sugar and salt in the meal preparation and all the food is free of additives and MSG. A monthly menu is published in the weekly MSB Newsletter "The Buzz".

Food safety is always our top priority as we will continue to work with the partner to ensure food quality and help our children develop healthy eating habits.

Only a limited number of parents are allowed on campus according to the Covid prevention measures. We appreciate parents’ valuable feedback and will get parents involved more in the school operation and events.