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Hands-on Activities Abound in Online Learning
02 Dec
  • Hands-on Activities Abound in Online Learning

Montessori programs are rooted in hands-on and experiential learning. Despite the challenges posed by online learning, MSB teachers have turned virtual interactions into multi-sensory activities that promote children’s development.

Compared to older students, it is particularly difficult for toddlers to concentrate on the screen. To minimize the impact of online learning, we have carefully adjusted the Montessori program so as to keep engaging our children in hands-on activities through its multi-sensory approach. Above is footage of a class presented by our Toddler Division Head Xhilda.

“We use activities involving multiple senses to enhance learning patterns because they activate different brain parts. We know from research that combining the sense of touch with other senses, such as vision, smell, hearing, or taste, helps build cognitive skills. This is why many of our activities involve multiple senses, such as this Frozen Flower activity,” Xhilda said.

The sensorial lessons happen all the time in our Montessori environments. “These activities help our toddler develop language, social interaction, and reasoning skills as they strengthen their neurological pathways within the developing brain. These multi-sensory activities also help create new synapses between neurons, leading to long-lasting memory and brain agility,” Xhilda added.

Our children spend most of their time on activities such as food preparation, making orange juice or scooping a dragon fruit. Some activities are designed outdoors. The children are encouraged to go for nature walks and collect objects from nature, such as picking up leaves or flowers for a collage or a task.

“I would like to thank you, Xhilda and all the staff for all the efforts and planning such an amazing homeschooling plan! It’s such an important experience for the children during this difficult time,” said one parent named Natalia.

Whether it’s online or offline, our children will experience an environment set up to encourage movement, language, and learning through hands-on activities—all of which you can then apply at home. A child’s natural passion for curiosity, exploration, independence, and discovery comes alive in these activities.