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Foster Global Mindset
22 Oct
  • Foster Global Mindset

With the world as children’s classroom, students learn to view themselves as global citizens and begin to recognize and appreciate the beauty of different cultures and traditions. 

This week, MSB’s students of all grades were engaged in an array of informative activities during the annual International Week. They were able to get a better understanding of who they are as individuals, as a member of society, and ultimately as a citizen of the world.  

Early Childhood children put on attires of their countries for an assembly at the Multi-purpose Hall and identified musical instruments of different continents. Meanwhile, Elementary students also dressed up and gathered for a quiz game on continents. 

On Wednesday, Grade 1&2 students went on a whirlwind “tour” of seven continents in their Passport Game. In classrooms decorated with continental pictures and ornaments, they were awarded the continental stickers on their passports after answering questions from Grade 5 students and teachers. 

The Middle Schoolers conducted in-depth research into different countries and cultures and presented their work in a way to see the world from a different perspective. Some of the teachers also presented their home countries.  

By empowering children with a global vision, we hope to develop a generation of teenagers who value global connections and are able to collaborate with people across all cultures.