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Counselor’s Hub: Virtue of Friendliness
16 Sep
  • Counselor’s Hub: Virtue of Friendliness

At MSB we pride ourselves on being a welcoming school. The morning greeting and abundant staff that warmly greet families and children inviting them into school to have the best day possible are inspiring to anyone lucky enough to witness it.  

We are one of the few schools whose administrative team members join the academic team in welcoming our children every morning. This intentional act of kindness helps smooth the transition from home to school and builds community and partnership with our families and students. 

Virtues are universally valued by all cultures. All parents' support helps their children develop the integrity of their character. Here at MSB, we aim to inspire the courage, honor, justice, and compassion of our students. Character education and learning help create the school we want to attend each day, the community we embrace and celebrate.

In the month of September, our students are exploring the virtue of Friendliness. 
This will culminate in a “Friendship picnic” celebration on September 30.
Join the conversation. Explore what being a good friend looks like, sounds like, and feels like with your son or daughter. 

To quote the wisdom of the great Chinese Philosopher Laozi:
“Cultivate Virtue in the family, and Virtue will flourish.
 Cultivate Virtue in the village, and Virtue will spread.
 Cultivate Virtue in the nation, and Virtue will be abundant.
 Cultivate Virtue in the world, and Virtue will triumph everywhere.” 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact School Counselor at  schoolcounselor@msb.edu.cn.