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Counselor’s Hub: Improving Self-esteem
22 Oct
  • Counselor’s Hub: Improving Self-esteem

Is positive self-esteem important for a kid’s development? 

Super important! Given that self-esteem is how a person feels about themselves.  

Someone with positive self-esteem clearly loved and supported by family and having strong connections with teachers, coaches, tutors, and other significant adults in their life will succeed in tasks.  

Someone with low self-esteem will generally default to thinking they are not good at things. In the absence of quality love, support and guidance to counter a possible negative temperament, they tend to believe that situations will work out badly for them. It is common for them to repetitively say negative things in “self-talk” like “I can’t, it’s hard, I’m not good at” determining the outcome before they get started.  

Most children will have dips in self-esteem as they go through different stages of development or when facing challenges in life. Starting a new school, moving house, changes in the family, winning and losing, peer pressure and relationship changes. How they think when challenged and especially about failure can affect a child’s confidence. With the right modeling and support and with positive intent, most will get through these little bumps of life. What a kid thinks and what significant others say, makes a difference, so choose your words wisely!                

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