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Counselors’ Hub: Build up Self-esteem
12 Nov
  • Counselors’ Hub: Build up Self-esteem

Can kids grow out of negative self-esteem? 

We know from studies that ability is not fixed, the exploration of brain plasticity has our understanding that a healthy growth mindset is critical to facing the normal challenges that life throws at us. 

We all know someone that demonstrates resilience even when faced with great physical, social or health challenges. 

How do they do it? The relationships and connectedness they feel to the people they have around them at home and at school can make the world of difference to a child’s resilience. Their inner drive and belief inspire others. Immersing kids with positive affirmations, repetitive life mantra’s and coaching them to persevere are just as important as mathematics, or science in the humble opinion of our school counselor. 

Be a role model to your kids, encourage and instill a never-give-up mentality. Encourage them to strive for personal best rather than winning, as winning is in most cases fleeting. These subtle shifts can change a child’s fixed mindset to a more growth-oriented one over time. 

If you would like to know how to help children build their self-esteem, please read the full article here.  

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