Our Programmes

Dual Language & English Only Programmes

MSB offers the option of two equally strong academic programmes for children in Kindergarten, Reception and Elementary.* Enrolment into each programme is decided prior to the start of each academic year.

* In Nursery, children are immersed in a bilingual environment that alternates freely between English and Chinese. In this programme, children master key vocabulary in both languages in preparation for entry into the Dual Language or English Only programmes.

Dual Language

The Dual Language Programme delivers the entire MSB curriculum in two languages, with students spending half of each school day in English and Chinese environments. During the English-led portion of the day, children are taught from the maths and language curriculum, with follow-up lessons and additional support being held in Chinese. During the Chinese-led portion of the school day, students are presented with a full Chinese curriculum that not only includes lessons in the Chinese language (i.e., reading, writing, speaking
and listening), but also covers the geography, history and cultural traditions of China.

MSB’s Dual Language Programme is unlike any other in Beijing. All of our Chinese learning materials and lessons were created by our Chinese Department rendering them unique to our school. Meanwhile, our English-language materials and lessons have been specially adapted to suit students within an international setting. The success of such a complex and dynamic programme lies in the dedication of our English and Chinese lead teachers who work to ensure a seamless transition between the two language environments and a unified approach to the curriculum.

English Only

In the MSB English Only Programme, all lessons and learning materials are delivered in English. However, children in this programme will still receive 50 minutes of Intensive Chinese instruction per day. Non-native English speakers may receive extra support through the English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department depending on individual needs.

Grade Levels