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Staff Spotlight: Julie
22 May
  • Staff Spotlight: Julie

Being an administrator is usually unnoticeable but not anything to trifle about. Every morning, she greets each parent and student with a warm smile and carefree laugh as she tends to their specific needs: from filling in a form to finding a child’s treasured item. She is the answer to every question raised at the Elementary building’s front desk. 

Julie’s meticulous attention to details enables her to solves problems. “Detail is the key to success,” she said. 

As a golf fan, she employs strategies from the course to shoot of hole-in-one solutions. 

Let’s get to know how our dedicated and hard working Campus Administrator, Julie acts as a critical link between the school and parents.

How many years have you been working at MSB?

5 years!

 What attracted you to come work at MSB? 

A close friend who had been working at MSB for more than 10 years always shared interesting things that happened at the school. I was enthralled by this community and I like working with children very much. 

 What do you enjoy about working at MSB?

I’m happy that my past experience at another international school would help me build a bridge between teachers and parents at MSB. I enjoy being a Campus Administrator.

 What is your take on the developments of MSB over these years?

In the past five years, MSB has seen rapid development that everyone is aware of. We have established a good reputation with the unique Montessori philosophy and the expansion of our campus. The brilliant graduates are the best testimonials. They are still attached to MSB and often come back to visit their teachers. With the cooperation and understanding between teachers and parents, I’m convinced that MSB will become one of the most outstanding international schools in Beijing.

 Could you share with us one of the beautiful memories of MSB that you have?

I have won the recognition and trust of parents these past 5 years as I did my best to help them. One of the students is picked up every day by his grandmother because his parents are busy working. I help the grandmother fill in some forms, like After-School Activities (ASA) signup, whenever needed. Dealing with an onslaught of such matters every day takes patience and a nimble mind. Campus administration is like juggling 5 balls at the same time and I strive to troubleshoot in the hole-in-one kind of way. I believe detail is the key to success.  

 What vision do you wish to share about MSB’s future?

MSB is a beautiful and well-equipped school with excellent faculty and staff members. Parents can be rest assured of the sound development of their children in this warm community. MSB will continue to thrive in pursuit of the wellbeing of every student. We take pride in devoting ourselves to MSB.

 What would you share with our parents, students and future teachers? 

I would say to parents that your children are treated like how teachers and staff take care of their own children. 

I would say to children that any problems you run into at school will be solved. MSB is your second home.

I would say to new members of MSB that you made a good choice. Welcome to our warm community. Should you have any questions, feel free to come to Campus Administrators, your guide to understanding the ins and outs of the schools systems. 

Our Staff Spotlight series will feature a member of our faculty or staff each week. As MSB celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, the greatest asset we have is our long serving faculty and staff who continue to nurture, educate and dedicate their passion and time to serving our students. For the upcoming weeks, we will share our interviews with the long serving members of the MSB team!